Available.Salon booking system has a unlimited features without any restriction and won’t have any restriction in future. Such as;

    • unlimited booking without any time restriction,
    • unlimited customer registration
    • unlimited staff member and staff control for each single and multi salon

so you can grow up your bussiness and focus it without any concern related your service and salon management. Just focus your bussines because at the back-hand will be working to improve your experince.


Available.Salon booking system has Multi Salon feature to make it more easy for you to manage your business, so if you have more than one branch its will be super easy for you to manage all your branches and staff in one screen.

    • You can manage all your staff and their working hours or their holidays only in one admin panel.
    • You can see all you salons booking in one place or seperatly to see each salons bookings.

Just decide which is more easy for you and we will be working to improve your bussiness and experince.


Available.Salon builds your needed website which will have responsible feature to run on each sized device and provide all your needed

    • seo optimised design and building
    • web hosting
    • domain address
    • all softwares, pulgins, themes and integrations.

all these features are provided by Available.Salon so you do not need to think about website building and seo optimisation for google and other search engines.


Available.Salon builds your iOS and Android mobile apps and get your need certificates during the mobile applications building and releasing process on Apple Store and Google Play Store. After the building of your salon customised mobile apps Available.Salon release your Applications and provide all request information to upload mobile apps to the stores.

    • Screenshots of your apps
    • Version informations
    • Age restriction consents etc.

You don’t need to think about your mobile apps because Available.Salon will be working at the back-hand to update your application to fix bugs issues and optimise your app etc.


Staff Mobile Application makes super easy to manage and follow booking and booking calendar for salon staffs and and salon manager. You can use to many feature of salon booking system on salon staff app such as;

    • access salon booking calender on your mobile device
    • add new booking or cancel a booking
    • add new customer or edit details

It has also include push notification and notify salon staff when a new booking has been made by a customer.


Admin panel makes super easy to manage your salon or multi salons because with this control panel you can access all needed and adjustable features of your salon or multi salons such as;
    • Working hours of your salon
    • Staff management and working hours
    • Control of your services (add new or deleting of existing one)
    • Service price management and more features…

You can access admin panel online so it is easy to manage your salons when you are on holiday or far away to to your business. Just use your password and username to access it. That’s it.


You can manage your salon or multi salons easily with Available.Salon booking system. It is not just a booking system which you will get from Available.Salon, it is a fully salon, staff management and customer relation system to improve your bussiness, with Available.Salon you can control
    • your staff’s working and available times easily
    • you can follow your staff holidays and deactivate any one on the system for a time

All this features and mores are in one place to make everythig easy for you.


You can access all your customers’ bookings online on Admin Panel and each staff can access his/her bookings on Staff Mobile Applications.

All staffs’ and main calender are synchronized so you or your staf won’t miss an appointment.

If you have multiple salon feature, you can also manage and see all your salons’ calender only in a place so that makes easy to analyse and control your business.


Available.Salon gives an opportunity to you to get online payment from your customers. You can adjust your payment type such as;
    • full payment
    • deposit payment
    • pay later

so you can block and control to your calender more efficient.

Online payment options comes with Available.Salon premium patckage.


Sms system integration gives an opportunity to you to give more confident platform feeling to your customers. Using the Sms system integration;

    • Security codes are send by Available.Salon to your customers to sign up your salon website and mobile app.
    • Reminder notifications are send to your customers before their appoipment
    • Feedback trigger sms are send to your customers one day after they got the service.

Available.Salon works with third party Sms provider to make everything easy for you.


Available.Salon uses third party technology improvements to service you more efficient and Onesignal push notification serve is one of them and with using of this push notification service;
    • booking reminder notification automaticly send by Available.Salon to customers
    • Periodic salon advertisement notification automaticly send by to customers
    • appoipment remind notifications automaticly send by Available.Salon to staff

Push notification system is easy and best efficient model to contact customers and staff automaticly. You do not need to think any integrated technology, it’s our business to serve you each day more better.


Available.Salon gives an oppotunity to get feedback from you customers properly after your service, or your customers leave a review easily to your google review account which is synchronized your google map location or locations of your salons or you can use trustpilot review system which is integrated our system to get feedback or collect review from your customers.

    • Google Review synchronized with your google map account.
    • Trustpilot

which one you want to use to get feedback or collect reviews it’s ready for you.

We know that customer relations is so important in this bussiness sector so Available.Salon is not just a booking system so we focus that how your customers get better and efficient service from you.